114 Stories X 114 Storeys

The 114 Stories X 114 Storeys exhibit was created in special collaboration with the Toronto Public Library and is available for onsite viewing on our main observation level as part of your CN Tower admission ticket, following  your meal in 360 Restaurant, or from the comfort of your home online.

This exhibit explores the facts — and fiction — behind 10 of our city’s best-known landmarks and showcases our city’s diverse cultures and communities through stories and images of famous Toronto sites, all drawn from the library’s extraordinary Special Collections. Take your time and explore this exhibit and enjoy the views of these great landmarks from our main observation level. The city is filled with inspiring chronicles to celebrate. 114 Stories X 114 Storeys gives you 10 great vantage points to kickstart your discovery!

To add to your experience, we’ve crafted a signature “landmark” TO cocktail that you can make and enjoy at home. 

The collaboration between the Toronto Public Library and the CN Tower describes the history of Toronto in 114 Stories. I wanted to honour Gooderham & Worts and their legacy in our city. The Distillery District is an exciting home for art and culture, while the former headquarters at the Flatiron Building is a landmark of the city. A picture taken 1000’s of times is this iconic building and the CN Tower rising up behind it. The story of the distillery is the story of Toronto, immigrants and industry, arts and culture.  We decided on a classic cocktail with a twist. Gooderham & Worts Whisky is a perfect balance of richness without being overpowering. Instead of using a sugar cube, we opted for maple syrup to provide the sweetness and a touch of Canadiana.

Gooderham & Worts Maple Old Fashioned
2.00 ounces Gooderham & Worts Whiskey
2.00 dashes of Angostura
0.50 ounces Maple Syrup

Combine ingredients in a shaker and stir to dilute. Place fresh ice in a rocks glass. Pour drink over ice and add an orange twist.

Signature "Landmark" TO Cocktail

Please enjoy responsibly.